Digital Twins of Infrastructure Systems Lab

Welcome to the Digital Twins Group!

Maintenance of infrastructure is the pillar of a nation’s economy, prosperity and security. Digital Twins of infrastructure bring immense value to our society and economy in all stages of the life-cycle management of a facility. This value is counterbalanced by the cost and effort currently needed to generate those. Cutting edge technologies in computer vision, machine learning and computer graphics have the potential to facilitate the Digital Twinning process. However, there are still significant challenges in applying these innovative technologies in the construction, manufacturing and aerospace industries and, as a result, these industries remain to a great extent under-digitized.

We digitize infrastructure systems in our built and manufacturing world by applying cutting-edge technologies in computer vision and AI with the goal to better design, maintain and sustain these systems. Our vision is to harness the strengths of engineers and Artificial Intelligence to accomplish what neither can do alone.

Our lab is directed by Dr Eva Agapaki in the Department of Construction Management of the Design, Construction and Planning College.

Recent News

  • CISBAT 2021: AI for the Built Environment workshop
    Dr Agapaki gave a talk at the CISBAT 2021 conference on the theme “AI for the built environment: trend or paradigm shift?”
  • BeyondBIM podcast interview
    In this podcast, we explore digital twins in more depth. Dr. Eva Agapaki applied cutting-edge computer vision and deep learning algorithms in engineering applications, most notably in the field of digital twinning. We discuss her most recent innovative research on a system called CLOI-NET and what is needed for making digital twinning of complex infrastructure …

    BeyondBIM podcast interview Read More »

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